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What's Seasonal & New!


  • Raspberry Muffins!

  • Traditional Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

  • Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

  • Apricot Bars through Summer....

  • Peach-Raspberry Bread Pudding!

  • Naturally Red Velvet (come in to be in the know!)

  • Gluten Free blueberry & lemon scones

  • Banana Bread on the weekend, 2 ways ~ plain or with chocolate chips

  • Gluten free  cupcakes and Vegan cupcakes

  • Amazing marmalade, and apple butter~ for breakfast, marinades, charcuterie boards!

  • We're a one-stop-party shop (almost): cupcake stands, grab bag of plates, etc., cake cutter/server, candles/sparklers & cards

   Our baked goods are GREAT gifts for friends, teachers, neighbors, colleagues and helpers of all sorts!

~ Cake ~
(Find current flavors here)

We are a scratch, custom bakery fulfilling your baked good wishes, with flavor, size and decoration.

Our daily inspiration is using clean & local ingredients to delectable advantage.

Our packaging is also either recyclable or compostable!


PennDel's menu of cakes, other baked items and seasonal offerings are available as long as they last!

Cakes are available in many sizes ~ slices, cupcakes, 6", 8" round and more.
We also have vegan or gluten-free options (but not both in one item, alas!)

Cupcakes, mini cheesecakes and tea cakes by the dozen are available to custom order, too.  

Please call us at 510.375.8007 or via Custom order to explore all the available possibilities.

The goal? Treat yourself and those you love!


Double Vanilla Family

Classic vanilla bean butter cake and vanilla bean buttercream.

Vegan (V) or Gluten-Free (GF) available!


Black & White Family

Rich chocolate cake with marbled layers of vanilla & chocolate buttercreams, then frosted with marbled vanilla & chocolate buttercreams.

Vegan (V) or  Gluten-Free (GF) available!


Red Velvet Family

PennDel's naturally red velvet cake(!) with cream cheese frosting inside & out.

Gluten Free (GF) available


Carrot Cake Family

A walnut-studded, warmly spiced carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Please custom order if you are not a fan of nuts.



Vanilla butter cake soaked in coffee and rum, filled with sweetened mascarpone and chopped, dark chocolate; finished with more mascarpone and a dusting of chopped chocolate & cocoa.


New York-Style Cheesecakes

Traditional, rich vanilla cheesecake on a shortbread crust -- available as a 6" cake or minis. You can custom order sizes (12 minis, 6", 8" or 9") &  flavors (vanilla, lemon, white chocolate/macadamia nut, chocolate chip or seasonal specials)! Gluten-Free (GF) available!

** Allergen notice:

PennDel’s enjoys making nut-free, gluten-free (from our in-house blend of ingredients), *or* vegan cakes.

However we are not a bakery free of gluten, nuts or dairy and eggs.

We've built an open kitchen where all the equipment is shared: from bowls to mixers to ovens and surfaces.

We clean diligently, but can not guarantee a space free of
cross-contact or cross-contamination.

Call us at 510.375.8007 with any questions.


~ Cookies & Bars ~
Freshly baked works of joy!

Drop Cookies & Biscotti
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Crinkles
Pretty Shortbread
Biscotti (regular or gluten free)


Apricot Bars (Spring/Summer)
Pecan Bars (Fall/Winter)
Chocolate-peppermint (winter)

Vegan (V) or Gluten-Free (GF)**:
Brownies (GF)
Biscotti (GF)
Shortbread (V)


~ Biscuits, Muffins & Coffee Cakes~
crisp tops, tender insides, utterly delicious

Lemon-Almond Teacakes (GF)

BISCUITS, ETC., including savory tastiness:
Green onion-cheddar
Lemon scones with lemon curd

Vegan green onion & vegan cheese scones (V)
All-butter  or Chocolate croissants
SPECIALTY: Blueberry & Lemon Scones (GF)


Apple (Fall/Winter)
Traditional Streusel (Baker's 

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